Victor Vasarely

| France |

Born in Pecs, Hungary in 1997.

In December 1964 our Museum received Vazareli’s artwork, one of the first that arrived. This is mainly thanks to Mr. Zan Kasu, ex Director of International Museum of Modern Art in Paris. This artwork has been chosen by Victor himself as a honor to newly established Museum. This artwork shows all of the author’s experience before the war and within there is defined his determination to geometric abstraction (further his interest is oriented in op-art). His work presents harmony in mathematically executed areas – simple principle in creating of a composition, which reflects in complexity of this wonderful oeuvres.

We present Victor’s artworks from the series of works signed by Vasarely included in the collection of MoCA:
IOL, 1958 oil on canvas 130х89cm | Untitled, 1968, colour silkscreen, 122/175, 79х49,5cm

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