News New issue of Point d’ironie available at the MoCA Skopje

New issue of Point d’ironie available at the MoCA Skopje

The project of the fashion designer agnes b., the unique magazine point d’ironie ( in its latest 67th edition presents the project of Leonard Hilton McGarr aka Futura, the American graffiti artist who together with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf in the 1980s became known for introducing abstraction within the street graffiti idiom.

Typically spread over eight pages, which are given to each artist invited by the magazine’s editor – well known Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist – point d’ironie in the latest issue brings Futura’s anti-war message, as the title of his project NO GUERRA reads: “NO GUERRA is a creative presentation of concepts, individuals, places and ideas. Thanks for your anti-war thoughts…”

The magazine is printed in one hundred thousand copies and distributed free of charge to art institutions and galleries in over one hundred countries worldwide. The Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art has been the only distributor for Macedonia for more than twenty years. The museum receives the magazine in a limited edition of one hundred copies, which can be obtained in the museum shop free of charge.