Bojana Piškur: Some Thoughts on Decolonizing Art Institutions


Much has been written about the new prototypes of institutions and the new kinds of institutionality in recent years. New, more open, and democratic museum models have been discussed. But is it possible to overcome the dichotomy between the inside and the outside of an institution? Bojana Piškur works as curator in Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana. Her work concerns the Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav contexts and the Non-Aligned Movement, especially in connection with arts and cultures.

Video recording: 1:04

Presentation of the Center For Political Beauty


The Interdisciplinary Program of the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje presents the Berlin-based Center for Political Beauty. The presentation gives an insight into the Center for Political Beauty’s work linked to human rights, migrant crises, and the responsibility that arises from history. Presented by Gabriela Langholf. Introduction by Tihomir Topuzovski

Sound recording: 1:54


Lia and Dan Perjovschi


Lia and Dan Perjovschi’s Gallery Talk is entitled “Permanent Repositioning: Between the Local and the Global.” Lia Perjovschi is a researcher, editor, and conceptual and installation artist working with mind-maps, timelines, and education as mediums. Dan Perjovschi is an artist and journalist. He uses drawing in a multitude of forms, wall drawing, drawing performances, activist drawings, artist books, public space projects, printed media, and independent publishing.

Sound recording: 1:40

Lecture by Adam Nocek


As a part of the exhibition Landscapes of Disturbance, MSU Skopje presents the lecture of Adam Nocek entitled On the Planetary Architectures of Urban Agroecosystems. The talk is a critical meditation on the various ways in which technologies of urbanization mediate human and nonhuman habitation of the Earth. Adam Nocek is an Associate Professor in the Philosophy of Technology and Science and Technology Studies at the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University. … Read more at: Adam Nocek: On the Planetary Architectures of Urban Agro-Ecosystems

Sound recording: 1:00 

In Conversation with Driton Selmani


On the occasion of the exhibition “The Barking of the Clouds Does not Hurt the Dogs”, Kosovar artist Driton Selmani (born 1987 in  Uroshevac, Kosovo) talks with the curator Vladimir Janchevski about the process of conceptualization of the exhibition and the themes in the focus of Selmani’s work. The exhibition in MSU-Skopje presents works in different media that establish new relations in the given context, clearly showing how Selmani uses humor to explore and question the everyday, which usually binds itself to absurd traditions and hierarchical structures.

Video recording: 1:24

Vladimir Janković's Lecture “Of Synthetic Skies”


The presentation “Of Synthetic Skies” is focused on exploring this and other idiosyncrasies shaping the public, aesthetic, and environmental identities of contrails. Vladimir Janković is a Reader in History of Science and Atmospheric Humanities at the University of Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. He is a co-founder of the University’s Centre for Crisis Studies.

Video recording: 1:38


Jump Up! Ahmet Öğüt's exhibition in MSU Skopje


With a walk through the exhibition and a conversation with the audience, the artist Ahmet Öğüt presents his solo show “Jump Up!” at the MSU Skopje. Ahmet Öğüt’s projects mostly focus on collecting local stories and looking for similarities elsewhere. For the exhibition at MoCA Skopje, the artist created a new work entitled “Jump Up!”. The work is inspired by the donations of artworks from artists from around the world after the earthquake in Skopje in 1963. … See more about the exhibition Ahmet Öğüt: JUMP UP!

Video recording: 16:36 

Hedwig Fijen: Presentation of Manifesta


The topic of Hedwig Fijen’s talk is the concept of the Manifesta, with the presentation of the previous editions of this important European biennial exhibition, as well as introducing the concept, program, and development of the forthcoming “Manifesto 14 – Western Balkans”. Hedwig Fijen (Netherlands) is the founder and director of the European Nomad Biennale for Contemporary Art – Manifesta.

Video recording: 1:15

Saul Newman: Postanarchism and Critical Practices


In his lecture, Saul Newman talks about the possibility of critical art to open a new kind of public political space. In doing so, he focuses on some of the philosophical ideas that underpin this new relationship between art and politics, namely anarchism or what Newman calls “post-anarchism,” which implies anti-authoritarian politics and ethics. Saul Newman is a Professor of Political Theory at Goldsmiths University in London, UK. His work focuses on contemporary forms of radical politics.

Video recording: 1:13

Tania Bruguera's Gallery Talk: Political Timing Specific


Political Timing Specific is a term coined by Tania Bruguera to define a type of art created to exist at a specific political moment, giving the artwork potential political and social impact. As it is not enough anymore to make art as a posteriori reaction or comment, it is time to make art for the not-yet and the yet-to-come.

Sound recording: 1:22