Collaboration with Relevant Institutions

National institution, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, trough its activities, organized and staged by the Department of Education, has decades of successful collaboration in all the spheres of education, starting with preschool groups of children, all the ages and target groups interested in our work.

Our education department, within is framework of activities, organizes and implements creative – educational workshops, where the participants have an opportunity to be introduced with the rich collection by Macedonian and worldwide renowned artists, all proudly by MoCA.



Creative Workshops and Publications

The creative – educational workshops, at the same time, allows to its participants to enrich their knowledge, as well as take part in creating their own sense of art. The relaxed atmosphere, inspired and surrounded by artworks, via conversation and music, they can create their own art manifesting the talent, will and love for the beauty that art itself is. The subjects our guests can work on are wide in range from the current exhibitions, our stable exhibition all the way to the workshop free choice of the subject, in which they have full freedom to release their own imagination of their subject choice, fantasy and creativity.

The up mentioned workshop is framed with exhibition and catalogue of the artworks, created within the workshops.

Promotion of Macedonian Artists

The department for education organizes lectures connected with the current exhibitions as well as certain art techniques. This lectures are held by renowned Macedonian artist.

The creative – educational workshops function throughout the whole year are approved and financed by the Ministry of Culture, as well as via of program projects.

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