Publications The Large Glass Magazine 16/18 2003/2004

The Large Glass Magazine 16/18 2003/2004



Theme: Exhibitions on the Art on the Balkans
André Rouillé: Becomings (Devenirs), with the World: An Art Without Presence
Irina Subotic: The Balkans: A Cultural Region of Contemporary Art
Peter Weibel, Eda Cufer, Roger Conover: In Searc of Balkania
Harald Szeeman: About the Exhibition Blood and Honey
Popy Diamantakou: The Balkan Wars/Balkans: Virtual Space for Dialogue
Luchezar Boyadjiev: No More Exchange! Art Please!

Genia Chef: The Beauty as Unfinished Project
Massimiliano Cioni: We Are Learning and Moving Together

40 Years of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
Boris Petkovski: The Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
Georgi Stardelov: Two important Publications
40 Years of MoCA Skopje, A Photo-Essay

Lazo Plavevski: Haystacks, Percinkov
Marika Bocvarova: Blagoja Manevski’s Logical Paintings
Konca Pirkovska: Tha Alchemy of the Nomad (Simon Semov)

50th Venice Biennial: Zaneta Vangeli and Vana Urosevic

New Books
Lazo Plavevski: Roots and Rhisomes
Mira Gacina: ABC of the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje
Marika Bocvarova: On the Conceptual Discourse in Macedonia

The Misfits; Young Artists Dossier; Igor Tosevski: Transfers, Signs; Transformations 2; Oliver Musovik: Neighbours 2;Dragutin Avramovski Gute, A Retrospective; Slavica Janeslieva: The Cry; Other Visions: The Today Show; Tome Adzievski and Stanko Pavleski: Kino Napredok; Borislav Traikovski/Ivan Velkov; Nikola Martinoski; Jovan Sumkovski: R=1:2/R=1:200

The Large Glass Gift: Oliver Musovik: Flags, 2004

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