Publications The Large Glass Magazine 9/10 1999

The Large Glass Magazine 9/10 1999


Theme: (Neo)Existentialism

Antje von Graevenitz, Time for New Existentialism?
Valentino Dimitrovski, The Phenomenon of the “New Existentialism”
Liljana Nedelkovska, The Art as “Unhappy Consciousness”
Sonja Abadzieva, Gutai Body Informel
Konca Pirkovska, The Otherness of the Being-Real Idea of the Hell (Rodoljub Anastasov)
Marika Bocvarova, Silhouets in the Space (Stefan Manevski)
Liljana Nedelkovska, Stanko Pavleski-Baroque in One
Sonja Abadzieva, Nihilism Over All (Xhevdat Xhafa)

Artist’s Pages
Dragan Petkovic, Dialogue with Monet

Critic’s Point of View
Hiroshi Minamishima, Toward Oblivion of Identity
Dejan Bugevac, In the Foothill of the Beautiful (Toni Maznevski)

Photo-Essays: Venice Biennial 1999/ After the Wall: Stockholm, October 1999/ Narcissism(s)-Text(ures) of the (Ego)Face in the Images of the Macedonian Women Artists: MoCA Skopje

Ordan Petlevski – The Man with Golden Hand; Atanas Atanasovski: The Tour for the Being; Peep Show; Robert Jankuloski: See You See Me;
Oliver Musovik: Taking Shoes Off; Posters from Poland


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