Facility Rentals



The Museum of Contemporary Art offers the opportunity to use its premises for external events that are not part of the regular museum program, through their rental with financial compensation. To get information about the conditions and the cost, you need to apply personally or send a formal request with the following data to the email address


1. Information about the applicant: institution, organization, association, the company, private person, etc. as well as data on the responsible person with telephone and electronic contact details;

2. Detailed information about the content of the event: provided space for maintenance, duration from-to, content of the event and organizational concept, number of attending audience, technical details, etc.


After submitting your request, you will receive a written response at most in 7 (seven) working days. We note that the priority of the Museum of Contemporary Art is realization of its annual program, meaning that exhibition premises could not be hired or used for any other activities but the exhibitions or scheduled events.  




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