The Large Glass Magazine 4/1996

The Large Glass Magazine 4/1996


Theme: Aspects of Art in the Post-Sociаlism

Macedonia: Valentino Dimitrovski, Segments from the Recent Art “Scene” in Macedonia

Russia: Branka Stipancic, interview with Viktor Misiano

Croatia: Zelimir Koscevic, Neither in the Skies, Nor in the Earth, However…

Ukraine: Marta Kuzma, Criteria for Contemporary Art

Poland: Branka Stipancic, Constructions in Process, Interiew with Maria Wasko

Serbia: Irina Subotic, On the Experiences of Memory

Artist’s Pages: Zaneta Vangeli, Macedonian Social Experiment, 1996

Interview: Sonja Abadzieva talks with Yayoi Kusama

Nebojsa Vilic, Was ist pop? Pop ist ein Phanomen. Pop existiert als Kultur, als Denkweise und als Industrie
Liljana Nedelkovska, Toni Maznevski

New Technologies:
Tadeusz Miczka: On the Change of Communicating Relations in the Modern Culture

Translations: Jean-Hubert Martin, Chateau d’Oiron – Curious & Mirabilia

Dimce Koco

Herman Gloeckner; Xhevdet Xhafa; Cifte Amam 2, Liquor amnii; Sol Le Witt


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