Ion Grigorescu

| Romania |

Born in Bucharest | 1945

Romanian artist Ion Grigorescu has developed a unique practice reacting to current political developments. Since the early 1970s he has been pursuing what might be described as an anti-art, in which life and artistic practice are intertwined. Films, photographic series and photo collages all document the artist’s scrutiny of social realities. By the end of the 70s Grigorescu began recording his performances, which concentrated on ritualised actions around his body. More recently his work has reflected his growing interest in spirituality, as inspired by orthodox religious traditions in Romania.

We present artworks signed Ion Grigorescu included in the collection of MoCA:
Revelation of an Idiot, 1979, black&white photography, red ink, 40 х 29,7см | St. George, 1979, black&white photography, colored ink, 40 х 29,7см | Dragon, 1979, black&white photography, colored ink, 40 х 29,7см

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