Shop New: The catalogue All That We Have in Common

New: The catalogue All That We Have in Common


The catalogue for the exhibition All That We Have in Common was recently published and is available at the MSU bookstore.

The exhibition addresses themes ranging from historical and contemporary developments, including global conflicts, gender exploitation, colonialism, racism, inhumane treatment of migrants, animal cruelty, health crises, individual and collective states of fragility and fragility. Emphasis is placed on how these events, processes and situations produce unequal dynamics of power, violence and harm to the marginalized, but also the need to find a way out of personal and political imprisonment.

The curator of the exhibition is Jovanka Popova. Participating artists include: Darko Aleksovski (North Macedonia), Meriem Benani (Morocco/USA) and Orian Barki (Israel/USA), Yakup Feri (Kosovo/Netherlands), Igor Grubić (Croatia/Italy), Kapvani Kivanga (Canada/France), Ilija Prokopiev (North Macedonia/Slovenia), Zorica Zafirovska (North Macedonia), Driant Zeneli (Albania/Italy) and Lana Chmajchanin (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Austria).