Allan D’Arcangelo

|USA |

Born in Buffalo | 1930 – 1998

Allan D’Arcangelo was an American Artist and Printmaker. During the early 1960s, Allan D’Arcangelo was linked with Pop Art for his pictures of highways and roadblocks, which pictured deep perspectival vistas in a simplified, flat plane, the view as seen from the driver’s seat as one zooms along the seemingly never-ending American highway. Next came a series “Barriers,” in which cropped, abstracted imagery of road barriers were superimposed over the one-point perspectival highway vistas. These were a move further towards concern with abstract, two-dimensionality without negating the element culled from seen aspects of the American landscape. The series called “Constellations” (there are 120 in all) further abstracted the view of road barriers into perspectival, jutting patterns thrusting across the canvas against a white ground. His paintings are in the permanent collections of the Tate Gallery in London, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, and many other public and private collections worldwide.

We present artwork signed by Allan D’Arcangelo included in the collection of MoCA:
Concrete Double Lane Bend Through the Mountain, 1965, oil, pencil, color photography on canvas, 150 х 177см

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