Aleksandar Srnec

| Croatia |

Born 1924 in Zagreb.

Croatian painter, sculptor, print and film maker. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Srnec is one of the founding members of the EXAT-51 group of artists and the Manifesto 1951 in which the Croatian and Yugoslav artists declared the rights for free artistic expression not dominated by any political or ideological dogma.
In 1953 he is constructing his first kinetic objects, and around 1956 begins to experiment with mobile sculptures. Since 1962 light is on of the essential elements of the lumino-kinetic constructions of Srnec. He is one of the participants in the Croatian and Former Yugoslav avant-garde New Art Tendencies. At the end of the 1950’s and the beginning of the 1960’s, Srnec is working on several important animated films.

We present Aleksandar’s artwork from the series of works signed by Srnec included in the collection of MoCA:
Untitled 1, 1967, color silkscreen, 7/20, 49,5×53

Srnec Aleksandar

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