Other Scale of Things

24/10/ 2019 – 20/11/ 2019


The exhibition “Other Scale of Things” opens several dilemmas in а condensed sense – what solidarity means when values that shed new light and provide a different view of the existing entirety of knowledge are in question?

And does contemporaneity, seen as an antagonistic phenomenon of the past and the present, can provide us new truths, as part of our political desire for the future? Are there any other aspects that can be considered while we interrogate their present meaning?

One of the possible ways for critical reviewing of solidarity and contemporaneity is through the collection and the archives i.e. their selection, approach, exhibition making, and presentation determine their identity and ideological politics and position.


In the middle of the other scales is the installation “ArchiLeaks” by the architect and artist Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and it is specially created for this exhibition. He writes:

We tend to complain when things “go wrong” in the institutions of culture like leaking. The question is: do they really go wrong? Or is the leaking part of a larger quest for equity in contemporary space? Or do we have an instrumental idea about what the wrong thing really is? These questions are vital to any state institution of contemporary art, such as in Skopje. What ArchiLeaks is doing in Skopje’s most contested museum is marking for the leaks that the museum had, has, and will have. Nothing more and nothing less.

ArchiLeaks is for the inclusion of errors into a general narrative of civic space.

This exhibition also marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Museum of contemporary art as a museum of solidarity. And what is important in today’s global capitalism, in the context of the 21st century, is that not only the collectivity and the care of the common, beyond the empty phrases and words and ideological enemies, is our identity, but our only option for the future.


Curated by Ivana Vaseva




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