Acquisitions – Donations 2022-2023

From Saturday, 18 May 2024, 10:00

From May 18, in the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, visitors will be able to see the newly opened exhibition “Acquisitions – Donations 2022 – 2023”.

Curator: Iva Dimovski

MoCA-Skopje has been developing its international activity for a long time through significant museum projects, as confirmed by the presence of its projects in the world’s most prestigious art magazines such as Artforum, Frieze, E-flux, etc. All of that added to the visibility of MoCA, thus opening the possibility for new contributions to its international collection. Following the donations of the Russian collective Chto delat, the Dutch artist Jonas Staal and the German artists Jana Dettmer and Monika von Eschenbach, the museum recently received ten new gifts in the form of drawings and collages from the world-renowned Polish artists Artur Żmijewski and Paweł Altheimer – works created as a result of their “open studio” concept, a collaborative process of creating “live” collages realized in one of the galleries of the museum. Another significant donation is that of the world-famous author Ahmet Öğüt, consisted of a series of five sculptures, in which the author himself is focused on the reinterpretation of everyday life, on new inspiring works that encourage critical observation.
In addition to international donations, the museum also received a number of gifts from individual Macedonian artists.

An extremely significant contribution to the period of art in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century are the donations of works or another large bequest (55 works in total) of the author Simon Uzunovski bestowed by his heirs, whose conceptual artistic practice was subjected to a historical revaluation at his recent retrospective exhibition at MoCA.

With this exhibition entitled Acquisitions – Donations (2022-2023), the Museum of Contemporary Art aims to present to the general public that the only asset for continuous enrichment of the collections is high quality program activities. The activity adds to the increase of the institution’s capital, driving it in the direction of meeting the global museum tendencies.

The exhibition will include works by Macedonian and foreign authors that the Museum has received in the form of a donation from the authors/heirs themselves – 82 works of art by 16 authors, of which 55 by the author Simon Uzunovski. In addition, it will also include works obtained by acquisitions that were last made in 2022, when works of the Macedonian authors Jovan Shumkovski and Simon Uzunovski were purchased.


Jovan Shumkovski
Simon Uzunovski


Simon Uzunovski
Artur Žmijewski
Pawel Althamer
Ahmet Öğüt
Gjorgje Jovanovik
Jana Dettmer
Monika Bauer
Chto Delat
Jonas Staal
Nada Prlja
Delaine Le Bas
Jam Session Art Collective (Mustafa Asan, Mo Diener, Milena Petrovič)
Nihad Nino Pušija
Durmish Kjazim
Sead Kazanxhiu
Dan Turner
Driton Selmani

The Project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of R.N. Macedonia.



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