Alban Muja, The Fading Line: Stories on the Edge of Legality

07/06/2024 – 28/08/2024

Solo exhibition

MoCA Skopje

Curator: Vladimir Janchevski

In a dynamic world defined by a constant change, the phenomenon of destruction of a social, political and economic system, is part of the experience of our societies stuck in a seemingly endless transition. 

Borders, boundaries, walls, visible and invisible, building, rebuilding, renovation, holes and edges in law, or else, transition, transformation, overcoming, are all in fact things that describe and define us.

Alban Muja’s artistic practice explores different aspects of structures that define national, ideological, identity and existential concerns which may not seem so obvious. In his works he goes beyond mere representation and storytelling, focusing as well on the role that images and the media have in constructing and the dominant narrative, on historical and identity issues. Some of the projects are specifically focusing on housing and building practices, the single-family homes that uncontrollably appear on rooftops. Delving into this unconventional cityscape, considering the urban stagnation and its evolving contours, Muja creates a map of the city, that simultaneously testifies to the failure of a system, as well as the individual “creative” approach to the urban problems.

Muja’s artistic practice reflects and comments contemporary society and its burdens in very specific geopolitical context. Using a critical position combined with irony and wittiness, his artworks are balancing the bitterness that comes out of the geopolitical, social and artistic system. Implicating a gaze and a set of structural relationships, geographical and territorial, the artist brings attention to the peoples from our region – both at home as well in their communities abroad, traditionally rooted in construction work, the phenomenon of migrant labour, and the problem of being deprived of social tools, economic and legal security.

The exhibition of Alban Muja at MoCA-Skopje will show a selection of his works spanning the period between 2016 and 2023. Conceived as an attempt to connect complementary works that attempt to critically observe the shared condition and our common concerns beyond borders, the exhibition is focused on the observation of the everyday, and the experiences of a situation of forced transition and prolonged uncertainty.



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