Nikola Radulovikj: Systema

08/11/ 2019 - 08/12/ 2019

The name of the “SYSTEMA” exhibition is the common denominator of the two-volume science-fiction edition „Book of Sclavin“ and “SYSTEMA – Book of Sclavin 2.0”; and of Nikola Radulovikj’s interactive artwork “GENEZA”. The “SYSTEMA” exhibition is actually a three-piece round out of the first part, already presented through “Book of Sclavin”, the piece of work that the artist Nikola Radulovikj was awarded for as the best young author at the XI Biennale of Young Artists at the MoCA – Skopje.


The book itself is a utopian pulp science-fiction, with the central topic – the formation of new worlds; and human development in the future, in which processes, the element of “Capsule” – that humanity and its descendants own, but are unaware of its meaning until the final form of their development.


The novelty of the “Book of Sclavin” trilogy is that it is a literary work of art, inherently containing the possibility of a new virtual visual world, unlocked by smartphones with QR codes, giving life to the author’s illustrations in the form of GIFs.


GENEZA is a work of art actively involving the visitor through an interactive object created in the form of a puzzle. In it, the recipient (audience) is given the opportunity to discover on its own the stages of human evolution (7 characters altogether) through the epochs of the future, via an interactive experience. Each part of the animations is linked to a sound, creating – together with the other animations/sounds – a different sound effect with the entities formed.


In addition, the exhibition also includes the projections of the two sections, the “Book of Sclavin” and “SYSTEMA”, which the visitors will be able to open with the help of various interactive objects.


Curator: Bojana Janeva-Shemova.



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