Events Public presentation of The Center for Political Beauty

Public presentation of The Center for Political Beauty

16/10/ 2023, 18:30 CET

The Interdisciplinary Program of the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje presents the Berlin-based Center for Political Beauty.

Presented by Gabriela Langholf. Introduction by Tihomir Topuzovski, curator of the Interdisciplinary Program, MoCA Skopje


The Center for Political Beauty embodies a radical form of humanism. Founded in 2009, it makes “operations” with changing groups of volunteers and partners throughout Europe, aiming to establish “moral beauty, political poetry, and human greatness.” They call themselves “aggressive humanists” and attack current states of political and moral apathy through an art that must hurt, irritate, and unsettle. This presentation will give an insight into the Center for Political Beauty’s work linked to human rights, migrant crises, and the responsibility that arises out of history.



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