08. 10. 2016

In parallel with the Kale, Cultural Fortress project, the Museum of Contemporary Art started developing another ongoing public art project titled Sculptural. As the title suggests the project is about sculpture as one of the most widespread artistic media in communicating the values of public space.

The project is in a way a continuation of the successful short-lived series of the so-called Interventions in the public space organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art from the beginning of the 1980-is under the guidance of the Macedonian artists Simon Shemov and Kocho Fidanovski.

With Sculptural the Museum of Contemporary Art intends to use on a permanent basis the park around the Museum and the wider surrounding area of Kale hill as an exhibition platform for temporary or permanent sculptural or multimedia public art projects.

Sculptural 2016 presents eight public art projects by the artists Petar Hadzi Boshkov, Simon Shemov, Nada Prlja, Jovan Shumkovski, Igor Toshevski, OPA (Slobodanka Stevchevska and Denis Saraginovski), and architects Daniel Serafimovski and Dejan Ivanovski.

Curator: Zoran Petrovski


Нада Прља, Соништа во розе или љубовта што ме убива, 2016 / Nada Prlja, Pink Dreams or the Love That's Killing Me, 2016

Игор Тошевски, Порта, 2016 / Igor Toshevski, Gate, 2016

Дејан Ивановски, Место за човек, 2016 (Драгана Заревска, музички перформанс со укулеле) / Dejan Ivanovski, A Place for a Man, 2016 (Dragana Zarevska, musical performance with Ukulele)

ОПА (Слободанка Стевчевска и Денис Сарагиновски), КонтраКонтраСветилник, 2016 / OPA (Slobodanka Stevchevska and Denis Saraginovski), CounterCounterLighthouse, 2016

Јован Шумквски, R : 200, последно, 2016 / Jovan Shumkovski, R : 200, Final, 2016

Симон Шемов, Траги - Големата мајка, Перун, 2016 / Simon Shemov, Traces-The Big Mother Perun, 2016

Петар Хаџи Бошков, Јазол 1, Од циклусот Мир-Немир, 1996/1998 / Petar Hadzi Boshkov, Knot from the cycle Peace-Restlesness, 1996/1998, aluminum

Даниел Серафимовски, Помеѓу две страни (дивоградба), 2016 / Daniel Serafimovski, Between Two Sides (Illegal Construction), 2016

Даниел Серафимовски, Кале со МСУ Скопје, цртеж-скица / Daniel Serafimovski, The Kale Hill with the MoCA Skopje, sketch drawing


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