Acquisitions – Donations 2012-2016

01/04/ 2017 - 12/06/ 2017

The possibility of making chosen and quality collection of contemporary artworks, created by artists from this country and abroad with different esthetic and artistic orientations, has been an action of the Museum since its establishment. A collection of such type contains specific features that distinguish it from other such museums and contribute to it being especially important for this South Balkan region. The collection’s characteristics are supplemented, enriched, and edited with the buyout – a basic activity of the museum, as well as with the donations of the artworks. This exhibition “Acquisitions – donations 2012-2016” serves this purpose, by exhibiting the works to the public, the works that have been bought out or donated for the past five years. I can freely state that this time special attention is paid to contemporary Macedonian art creation and its presence in the collection, some of which is part of the continuous presentation at the MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). We would like the physiognomy and the action of the basic tasks of the museum to continue in the future with even further achievements and novelties, with organizing exhibitions of applied art, industrial design, and contemporary architecture not only from the domestic but also equally from the world art stage. One of the most important messages and motivations is the buyout of the above-mentioned.

41 art works have been bought out, by Macedonian authors only, while 27 art works have been donated – 20 from Macedonian authors and 7 from foreign authors.


Here we can include the voluminous and significant donations from the Mihajlovic family, the creation of the caricaturist Delcho Mihajlov, who counts 2072 caricatures in media with ink and watercolor on paper, all reproduced in his monograph, part of which will be exhibited at this exhibition under the title “Acquisitions – donations 2012-2016”.

We want to encourage the initiative to enrich the MoCA collection through the significant collectors and the large number of individuals who support the activity and mission of the museum to gather, study, preserve and present the important art works from different periods and years. The individual reactions of numerous artists, which include significant names of the contemporary Macedonian and foreign art, are especially exciting. Their contribution is remarkable, not only because of its value, but also because of its volume. It should be noted that the principles that guide this action seem to be well though and suitable for its further lasting, because they arise from some durable ethical and humanistic aspirations of the modern advanced humanity and the contemporary artistic awareness.

The museum, as an institution with broader international actions whose purpose is an international binding, apart from being responsible for maintaining and taking care of the Macedonian art creations, always has to tend not to neglect the buyout of foreign works from foreign authors, in order to enrich and encourage the contemporary growth of the international collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Republic of Macedonia.

Iva Petrova Dimovski


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