Landscape of Anxiety

09/03/ 2023 - 31/03/ 2023

The focus of the exhibition with the working title “Landscape of Anxiety” is the global threat of climate change and the environmental challenges that the cities, citizens, and the natural environment in Macedonia face in local contexts.

The exhibition is the result of five-month research by artists Slobodanka Stevchevska and Denis Saraginovski (OPA), Ivana Mirchevska, Darko Aleksovski, Zorica Zafirovska, and Nikola Uzunovski together with Tihomir Topuzovski, head of the project, Ivana Vaseva, curator and Kiril Arsovski Przo, biologist and ecologist. The research took place in several locations across the country such as Veles, Bitola, Prespa and Skopje in cooperation with members of the Ecological Society from Veles “Vila Zora”, the initiative “Bitola na Točak” (Bitola on a Bike) and the public institution Galichica National Park, with whom possible collaborations were discussed. , using artistic approaches and methodologies through which to influence the state and industries to solve a series of urgent problems.

The project started with a WORKSHOP in VELES on 04.11.2022. This workshop focused on the slag dump (waste during ore smelting) at the Smelter in Veles, which is still one of the most serious environmental problems not only in Veles but also at the level of the country and region. The local Veles organization “Vila Zora” has been appealing for years about the importance of solving the issue with Black Hill, but the issue still remains unresolved. The Black Hill, which is estimated to contain over 1.8 million tons of waste, is still standing and covers an area of 33,000 cubic meters, estimated to contain about 10 percent zinc, one percent lead as well as other hazardous metals such as cadmium, copper, arsenic, indium, thallium.

The project continued on November 18 and 19 with workshops in several locations such as Crna Reka, B. REK Bitola – Novaci, and the lake in Suvodol, where the consequences of outdated technologies and factories, which directly affect soil and air pollution, are recorded. Furthermore, the Pelister National Park and the problem of the disappearance of molik forests, as well as Ezerani and Stenje, where the reduction of the water level of Prespa Lake and the loss of biodiversity under the influence of climate change and due to the use of water for irrigation systems are obvious.

The last workshop, which took place on December 17 in Skopje, discussed the historical and modern significance of the city’s public green areas and parks, which are irretrievably lost due to large-scale construction initiatives, creating so-called “heat islands” that increase the temperature in the city, especially in the central area. Also, through the workshop in Skopje, former and new ecosystems in urban areas were considered, such as the natural monument Gazi Baba and the protected area Vodno.


The initiative is part of the project “Landscape of Anxiety” (culture and art for future coexistence with environmental crises and climate change) whose basic goal is to create conditions for the quality exchange of knowledge, collaborations, education, and artistic production, through which artists, researchers, ecologists, activists and citizens in Macedonia will be engaged in relation to the environment and climate change. The project is fully financed by FOOM (Open Society Foundation – Macedonia).

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski

Фото: Денис Сарагиновски // Photo: Denis Saraginovski


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