Events Artist Talk: Siniša Ilić

Artist Talk: Siniša Ilić

26/11/ 2022,

On Saturday, November 26 at 1 p.m., with a physical presence, the visual artist from Serbia, Siniša Ilić, will give a presentation at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje.

At the meeting with the audience, the artist will present his work and hold an interactive conversation with the attendees.

The entrance is free.

The conversation with the artist will be conducted by Tihomir Topuzovski.

Siniša Ilić is a visual artist from Serbia, whose work includes drawings, paintings, installations, performances, and videos. Ilić’s artistic practice thematically addresses social phenomena and mechanisms, exploring the forms of reparative labor, violence, social unrest, tensions, and states of uncertainty. Ilic is the co-founder of the art and theory platform from Belgrade, TKH (Theory that Walks 2000-2017).

His works have been shown in important institutions and centers such as MSU, Zagreb; Kunstraum, Innsbruck; MAXXI Museum, Rome; Biennale in Rijeka, October Salon in Belgrade, Georges Pompidou Center, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris; Tate Modern, Calvert 22, London, MSU, Ljubljana; CZKD, Belgrade; Welt Museum, WUK and Open Space, Vienna; DEPO, Istanbul; Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok; Tennis Palace Museum, Helsinki.

Siniša Ilić is one of the 8 internationally renowned artists, who are included in the upcoming exhibition of MSU – Skopje in the prestigious Kunsthalle space in Vienna (which is part of the Museum Quartier), where at the beginning of next year a selection of works from the valuable art collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje will be presented. The concept envisages 8 international artists making their own selection from the collection and devising a setting that will establish a dialogue between these works and their work. The idea is to see how today artists experience this collection, created through artistic solidarity.



MоCA-Skopje a partner institution of the EUBalkans project in Paris

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