News Large Donation of Works by Simon Uzunovski

Large Donation of Works by Simon Uzunovski

The Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje received a large donation – a collection of 55 drawings, collages and paintings, works by the Macedonian artist Simon Uzunovski, which is the result of donations from his sons Nikola and Marko Uzunovski.

This is one of the largest and most significant donations to MSU since the period of art in the seventies and eighties.

Last year, a large retrospective exhibition with works by Uzunovski “Road to Volcoders – Retrospective” was realized in our museum.

More than 100 works were exhibited, which included objects, figurines, collages, drawings and assemblages and applications made with adhesive tape or tape on glass or paper, the material by which Uzunovski’s work is most often recognizable. The unique, ephemeral installations, performances and actions with which Uzunovski involved a wide circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the public in the creation or performance of several of his works were presented with extensive photo documentation, which simultaneously showed the time of the 70s and the enthusiasm and energy with which Uzunovski managed to contagiously spread the idea of democratization of art and its approximation with the manifestations of everyday life.