Kale, Cultural Fortress

07/10/ 2016 - 21/10/ 2016

Kale – cultural fortress is a project that deals with the spatial planning of the central Skopje hill called Kale covering an area from the medieval fortress to the French military cemetery. There are two important cultural buildings dominating the hill: the medieval fortress and the Museum of Contemporary Art. However, despite their considerable potential to attract a wide range of visitors throughout the year, the medieval fortress and these buildings exist in mutually isolated spaces, with great uncultivated park areas, surrounded by other completely inadequate and substandard buildings, i.e., without any organized urban planning.

The project aims to draw public attention to this great and valuable area in the heart of downtown Skopje and open room for public and expert discussion about the direction of its future urban design. The Museum of Contemporary Art, as a direct beneficiary of this area, is interested in solutions that will improve the institution’s performance by turning this public area in downtown Skopje into a dynamic, attractive, and strong gravitational cultural center. The project was realized in cooperation with prof. Jovan Ivanovski and the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje.

The program consists of:

– conference: Friday, 07.10. 2016, from 10.30 – 15.30;

– exhibition of master’s and undergraduate theses on this topic defended at Arch. Faculty in Skopje: 07 – 17 October 2016;

– international competition for junior architects for conceptual solutions on this topic realized in in 2018-2019

Curated by: Zoran Petrovski, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje


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