Art on Plotter (In the MSU Skopje Collection)

02/04/ 2019 - 30/05/ 2019

Plotter art, as a segment of computer art, is not a novelty in contemporary art practice. We emphasize this fact since many people believe that computers have become an important element of contemporary art since the 2000s after personal computers became an inseparable part of everyday life.

Through this, the thinking about the fact that it is not only a reproductive medium but a particularly conceptualized independent work, is initiated. Also, computer art has a very rich history – computers were part of the art practice as early as the fifties of the last century, when many artists and designers worked with mechanical devices and analog computers.


Although computers and the use of machines are actually related to design practices, there are many important contemporary artists who use computers in their artistic practices. One of the best ways to understand the role of computer art in contemporary art practice is to define and present the history of this art form.


Curators: Marika Bocvarova Plavevska and Blagoja Varosanec


Artists at the exhibition: Viktor Nikolaev; Vladimir Boroevikj; Jovan Balov;  Elizabeta Avramovska; Ljupka Deleva; Oliver Musovikj; Igor Sekovski; Mileta Prodanovikj; Irena Paskali; Luchezar Bojadziev; Eduardo Kac; Miodrag Desoski; Krunislav Stojanovski; Venko Cvetkov; Matej Bogdanovski; Boris Shemov; Ladislav Cvetkovski; Zhaneta Vangeli; OPA (Obsessive Possessive Aggression); Iliya Chichkan; Marko Stojanovic; Michail Murin


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