Acquisitions – Donations 2017-2021

02/04/2022 - 15/05/2022

“The principle of presenting acquisitions and donations to the public has been practiced by the museum since 1963. Until 2000, there were two separate exhibitions Donated Works and Acquisitions, which for the first time are combined in an exhibition “Donations – Acquisitions 1987-2000”. This exhibition as the previous ones, continues with the same idea to present the quality and quantity of the works from the collection, not because of the history itself, but by reflecting on its importance for the present and the future development of the Museum. However, one of the basic principles in acquiring works of art as a steady policy in enriching the collection remains an unsurpassed problem, but that is why the museum expresses great respect and gratitude to the artists and donors, who continue to generously donate works of art to the MoCA collection. “The incentive for donation remains the main trump card for expanding the museum’s collection,” Dimovski said.


With this exhibition, the museum aims to present to the public the scope and quality of what has been received through acquisitions and donations. One of the most significant donations is the legacy of the respected prof. Dr. Radmila Ugrinova – Skalovska, consisting of 36 works of art. Furthermore, the artist Gligor Stefanov donated all his works from the retrospective exhibitgeneion, which was realized several years ago at the MoCA, as well as the generous gesture by the artist Kristina Pulejkova, who presented her solo exhibition on the occasion of the award for best young artist at the Biennale of Young Artists in 2016.

The exhibition also features works by the founders of Macedonian contemporary art: Lazar Lichenoski, Nikola Martinoski, Dimitar Avramovski Pandilov and other important artists, who are part of the Macedonian history of art. Here are the works by the conceptual and site-specific artist Simon Uzunovski (donated by Krste Dzidrov), the purchases by the Ministry of Culture of R.N. Macedonia, in 2017, by Kiril Gegoski, Zaneta Vangeli, Ibrahim Bedi, Mile Korubin and others.


These are works of art that contain various media: painting, sculpture, prints, watercolor, drawing, video and installation.

The exhibition includes 35 artists with 72 works of art, eight of which were purchased by the Ministry of Culture of RS Macedonia, and 64 were donated to the museum.


Presented artists: Dragutin Avramovski-Gute, Dimitar Avramovski Pandilov, Lazar Lichenoski, Nikola Martinoski, Mira Apostolovska, Ljubomir Belogaski, Zaneta Vangeli, Ivan Velkov, Tomo Vladimirski, Kiril Gegoski, Bodrami Georgievski, Vladimir Georgiovski, Bozidar Damjanovski, Katja Eftimova, Bedi Ibraxim, Bogoljub Ivkovic, Aleksandar Jankulovski – Cane, Risto Kalchevski, Kiro Karadza, Mile Korubin, Vangel Kodzoman, Zoran Malinovski, Vlase Nikoleski, Trajche Nikolovski, Dancho Ordev, Blagoja Poposki, Kristina Pulejkova, Ismet Ramikevic, Aleksandar Risteski, Gligor Stefanov, Ana Temkova, Simon Uzunovski, Nikola Fidanovski, Slobodan Filovski, Simon Shemov and Teofil Shulajkovski.


Curator of the exhibition is Iva Dimovski and curator collaborator Bojana Janeva.


Симон Шемов, Игра со бои, 1980, сито – печат, 35/47, 70x50 (5191) / Simon Shemov, Game with Colors, 1980, ofset print, 35/47, 70x50 (5191)

Жанета Вангели, Автореференцијална пластика или Chao, 2000, 240х95см, објект на под: 63х71х63 (5146) / Zhaneta Vangeli, Selfreferential Plastic or Chaos, 2000, 240х95см, floor object: 63х71х63 (5146)

Глигор Стефанов, Херувим, 2019, инсталација, слама на дрво / Gligor Stefanov, Cherubim, 2019, installation, straw on wood

Лазар Личеноски, Пејсаж, 1932, масло на картон, 29x15 (5174) / Lazar Lichenoski, Landscape, 1932, oil on cardboard, 29x15 (5174)

Никола Мартиноски, Портрет на Гроф Крафченко, 1931, масло на платно, 66,7x45,5 (5178) / Nikola Martinoski, Portrait of Count Krafchenko, 1931, oil on canvas, 66.7x44.5 (5178)

Душан Перчинков, Мотив на предградие 3, 1971, акрил на платно, 27x25 (5181) / Dushan Perchinkov, Theme from Suburbia, acrylic on canvas, 27x25 (5181)

Власе Николески, Во текот на седумте дена, 1984, алуминиум, 47x62x5 (5147) / Vlase Nikoleski, In the Course of Seven Days, 1984, aluminum, 47x62x5 (5147)

Беди Ибрахим, Невестински ковчег, 2009, објект 150x80x30 (5145) / Bedi Ibrahim, Bridal Chest, 2009, object, 150x80x30 (5145)

Богољуб Ивковиќ, Слика, околу 1966, масло на лесонит, 50,7х33,2 (5195) / Bogoljub Ivkovikj, Painting, around 1966, oil on plywood, 50,7х33,2 (5195)

Исмет Рамиќевиќ, Билјана платно белеше, 2001, објект, весници, 1100x250x5 / Ismet Ramikjevikj, "Biljana Platno Beleshe" (verse from Macedonian folk song), 2001, object, newspapers, 1100x250x 5

Александар Јанкуловски - Цане, Пасмати, 1975, комбинирана техника на платно, 100 х 70 / Aleksandar Jankulovski, Pasmati, 1975, mix media on canvas, 100х70

Кустоскиот тим / Curators team


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