Grabuloski & Blazheska Retrospective

07/07/ 2016 - 10/09/ 2016

The retrospective exhibition of Violeta Blažeska and Bogdan Grabuloski Bonach, who are married and artistic couple, followed, discovered, and valued their artistic creation in the last three decades, during which they invested in the creation of works that aimed to bring the formal and conceptual manifestations of уметничкото дело. Relying on some of the ideas typical for minimalism and conceptual art, such as process, repetitiveness, and seriality, they tried to give their autonomous features to these artistic ideas. Following their own problematic interests, without emphasizing the differentiation between their artistic and everyday visual experiences – especially in nature and urban surroundings – Grabuloski and Blažeska gradually expanded their spiritual horizon towards conceptual stimulation. In their beginnings, Blažeska and Grabuloski did not forget the experiences of history and the traditions of plastic arts, but at the same time, they continued to direct their thoughts towards permanent experimentation with materials, media and phenomena of visual and sensory perception.

Curator: Marika Bochvarova Plavevska


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