Radomir Damnjanović-Damnjan

1936, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Blue Painting 2, 1969

Oil on canvas, 138 x 200 cm

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Reference: 01824



Radomir Damnjanović Damnjan (Serbian Cyrillic: Радомир Дамњановић Дамњан, Mostar, 10 December 1935) is a Serbian painter and conceptual artist. He lives and works in Milan and Belgrade. (…) Damnjan deals with painting, drawing, graphics, photography, film, video and performance. During the sixties, early in his career, Damnjan the painter symbolic, abstract and minimal features. Since the seventies he used to the new media – video, photography and performance, while the painting closer to its analytical stream. At the turn of the ninth decade of the last century, the theme turns Damnjan ‘still life’ and ‘(self)portraits’ which implements a floor or wall installations painted in the spirit of postmodern citation as ‘new pointillism’.

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1948, Karlovac, Croatia


Moment of Action 2, 1976

Polyester, 62 х 46 х 32 сm

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Reference: 04592



Olga Milić was born in 1948 in Karlovec, Croatia. She graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1974, and post-graduate studies at the St. Martins School of Art in London in 1978/79. From 1974 to 1979 she lived in Skopje. Permanently lives in Niš, Serbia. Works in sculpture and three dimensional drawings.

1935, Belgrade, Serbia – 2019, Split, Croatia


Gallow, 1970/1971

Oil and tempera on canvas, 300 x 200 cm

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 02172



Vladimir Veličković (Serbian Cyrillic: Владимир Величковић; 11 August 1935 – 29 August 2019) was a Serbian painter who spent much of his adult life in Paris. Veličković graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University. From 1963 to 1966, he was an assistant in Krsto Hegedušić’s master workshop in Zagreb. In 1965, he was honoured with a prize at the Biennale in Paris, where he moved to the following year. Veličković gained public attention in 1967 with an exhibition at the Galerie du Dragon in Paris, which established him as one of the leading artists of the Narrative Figuration art movement.

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1932, Krk, Croatia – 1992, Belgrade, Serbia


Experiment with Newspapers, 1975

Newspaper, wood, steel poles, 112 х 83,5 х 64,5 cm

Acquisition: Gift by the artist

Reference: 03134

1938, Bijela, Serbia 


The Great Fighter, 1964

Tempera on canvas, 150 x 118 cm

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Reference: 01080


The painting “Great Fighter” belongs to the initial period in the work of the Belgrade artist Predrag Nešković, in which his further specific artistic expression was not yet differentiated. On a light-gray rough base, on which the structure of the bag can be seen, with pink, gray and ocher tones, he arranges several scattered artistic elements in an undefined space, with a distant association of a dismembered figure of a fighter.

Lj(ubica) D(amjanovska), a description from the reference card file of MoCA Skopje

1926, Sushak, Croatia – 2019, Belgrade, Serbia


Olive Trees, 1986

Ink on paper, 80 х 120 cm

Acquisition: Purchased

Reference: 03633

1931, Belgrade, Serbia – 2016, Belgrade, Serbia 


Large Anvil, 1964

Bronze, 105 х 36 х 80 cm

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 01371

1922,  Belgrade, Serbia – 2014, Belgrade, Serbia


Vaulted Form, 1964/1965

Bronze, iron, 50 х 60 х 40 cm

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 01665

1919, Valjevo, Serbia – 1994, Belgrade, Serbia


Luminous-Kinetic 59, 1977

Photography on canvas, 170 х 123 cm

Acquisition: Gift by the artist

Reference: 02675


1923, Pancevo, Serbia – 2011, Paris, France


Painting 100, 1958

Oil on canvas, 162 х 130 cm

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 00625