1937, Lauf an der Pegnitz


Forest Landscape in Eshen, Beech, Spruce, Clemantisa, 1974

Photo-lithography on paper, 70 x 100 cm

Edition: 13/70; inscription b.l. 13/70; b.c. Waldlandschaft Eshen, Buchen, Fichten, Waldrebe; b.r. Nils-Udo 74

Acquisition: Gift by the artist

Reference: 03100



Nils-Udo (born 1937) is a German artist from Bavaria who has been creating environmental art since the 1960s when he moved away from painting and the studio and began to work with, and in, nature.

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1936, Hagen, Germany


Space of Memories, 1981

Lithography on paper, 60 х 80 см

Edition: a.p.; inscription b.l. w.c. (fis Museum Skopje); b.c. Erinnerungsraum; b.r. Rolf Escher 1981

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 03485


1961, Bamberg, Germany


Abandoned Landscapes, 1995

Metal, perforated photograph, glass jar, 100 х 150 х 15 см. (х 4)

Acquisition: Gift by the artist

Reference: 03951

| Slovenia/Germany |

Marjan Vojska is a painter and print-maker who was born in Domzale, Slovenia in 1934. He studied at the Art Academy in Ljubljana, and since 1960 lives in Muenstrer, Germany. In 1970 he became a professor at the School for Art and Design in Muenster.


Print X, 1968

mixed media on paper, 2/10, 77x45cm

| Germany |

Born in Dusseldorf in 1935.


Tongs – from the Lurking cycle, 1977/1980

etching on paper, 24,5 х 34cm

| Germany |

Born in Rot an der rot | 1909 – 1981

We present artworks signed Hap Grieshaber included in the collection of MoCA:
Centaurs, 1962, woodcut on paper, 65 х 84см | Composition, 1962, woodcut on paper, 80 х 57,5см | Angel, 1962, etching on paper, 65 х 48,5см | Kneeling Figure, 1962, woodcut on paper, 70 х 56,5см

| France |

Born in Leipzeg | 1904 – 1989

Hans Hartung andhis spose, Ana Eva Bergman, are one of the most generous donators and has donated 26 artworks.
Hartung’s works are received at the occasion of personal visit of Boris Petkovski, Director of the Museum, to the Hans’s Atelier and trough recommendation of Zoran Mushić. One of the artworks that was supposed to be donated were both choice of Hartung and Petkovski.
T-1962-RT is huge dimensional artwork and is one of the most remarkable art achievements from that period of time. It reflects his specific expressive lust which might be regarded as chaos, as well as controlled lyric meditative poetics.
This painting is part of many exhibitions and his graphics are exhibited at the Museum (1966 – along with Ana Eva Bergman works and in 1993).
We present artworks signed by Hans Hartung included in the collection of MoCA:
Т-1962-R1, 1962, oil on canvas, 58х250cm | No. 25, 1953, etching, a.p., 50х66cm | No. 32, 1957, lithograph, a.p., 65х50cm | No. 38, 1958, lithograph, a.o., 76х56cm | No. 69, 1958, lithograph, a.p., 56х76cm | No. 108, 1963, lithograph, a.p., 56х76,5cm | No. 123, 1964, lithograph, 25/75, 76х56cm | | No. 116, 1963, lithography, a.p., 76 х 56cm | No. 26, 1953, etching, a.p., 50x65cm | No. 124, 1964, lithograph, 25/75, 56x76cm | No. 112, 1963, lithograph, a.p., 56×76,5cm | No. 100, 1963, lithograph, a.p., 76x56cm | No. 59, 1958, lithograph, a.p., 65x50cm |

| Germany |

Born in Deutschbaselitz | 1938


Eagle, 1980

etching, a.p., 78 x 55,5


Untitled, 1980

etching on paper, a.p., 78 х 57,5см


Street Painting 1, 1981

etching on paper, a.p., 65,5 х 50см


Street Painting 2, 1981

etching on paper, a.p., 65,5 х 50см

|Germany/ Russia|

Born Evgeny Scheffer 1954 in Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan, USSR. Works in the fields of objects, installation, painting, and 3-dimensional computer works. Before emigrating to the West in 1985 he was a member of Soviet Nonconformist Art circles in Moscow, a group that included, among others, Ilya Kabakov, Viktor Pivovarov, Anatoly Zverev and Semyon Faibisovich. In 1985 Chef moved to West Germany, where his etchings based on Marquis de Sade earned him attention from the press. In 1988 Chef was accepted to the Master Class of Еrik Brauer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria. In 1993 the Academy awarded Chef its Master of Fine Arts degree, together with its Fueger Gold Prize. In late 1993 Chef moved to New York City where he exhibited his works with several former members of Soviet nonconformist art circles in a number of group exhibitions. Chef has illustrated numerous books, including Prose and Poetry by Edgar Allan Poe and Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore by Michael Lederer. Chef’s own book Finger World was published in 1993 in Nurenberg.


Eternal City, 2003

ink-jet print, 85x160cm


The Valley of Kings, 2003

digital print on paper, 84 х 162см

| France/Germany |

Born in Frankfurt in 1927.


Claus Schultze, Relax, 1970

ceramics, 220 x 150 x 50 (1891)