Vojtěch Preissig

1873, Světec, Czech Republic – 1944, Dacahau, Germany


Tower on the Rock, 1906

Aquatint, etching on paper, 39,7 x 29,7 cm

Inscription, b.r. Voj.Preissig

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 01969

1924, Prague, Czechia – 2006, Paris, France


Cala d’or, 1963

Gouache, ink, watercolor, pencil on paper, 31,5 x 28 cm

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 00630


| Czech Republic |

Born in Cermna | 1899 – 1942

We present artwork signed by Jindřich Štyrký included in the collection of MoCA:
Painting, 1934, oil on canvas, 100 х 130 cm

| Czech |

Born in Nove Mesto | 1880 – 1925

We present artwork signed by Jan Štursa included in the collection of MoCA:
Adolescent, 1905, bronze, 84х23х10cm

1900, Prague, Czechia – 1974, Prague, Czechia


Still Life with Dish, 1930

Oil on canvas, 33 х 55 cm

Acquisition: Gift by the National Gallery, Prague

Reference: 01967



František Muzika (26 June 1900 – 1 November 1974) was a Czech artist. He was a prominent representative of avant-garde in Czechoslovakia in the first half of the 20th century. Muzika was a painter, graphic designer, stage designer, illustrator, editor and professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

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| Czech Republic|

Born in Chropine | 1882 – 1953

We present Emil’s artwork from the series of works signed by Fila included in the collection of MoCA:
Still Life , 1926, oil on canvas, 43х53cm

| Czech Republic |

1922 – 1988

We present artwork signed by Čestmir Kafka included in the collection of MoCA:
Earth, 1962, mixed media on wood, 121x154cm