Alexander Calder


Born in Philadelphia 1898 – 1976

Red Polygon, 1961

metal (mobile)

75 х 108 cm.


In 1964 Boris Petkovski, than Director of the Museum, addressed Calder and in the letter he has stated request to receive his work as a gift to newly established Museum of Contemporary Art. The answer came promptly and included in it was the author’s wish to collaborate in person. Which was the reason Petkovski to meet Calder at his Atelier in Saché, village in France, and at that time Alexander decided to donate one of his mobiles. Additionally, Calder surprised by the modesty of Boris Petkovski decides to provide one more artwork as a gift – gouache dedicated to the city of Skopje.
Worth mentioning is the fact that his sculpture is an example of Calder’s primary idea the sculpture to be introduced and represented in ambience of kinetics. Since the end of the 50s and beginning of the 60s he has created series of flying herbs from lightweight metal and tin wires, likewise the artwork in our collection entitled Red Polygon.


Born in Citta di Castello | 1915 – 1995

White S – 64, 1964, mixed media on Masonite, 38x92cm


Buri’s arrangement with the National Committee for Fine Arts in Rome, and especially good relations with gallery owner and painter Mario Penelope, concluded in receiving Alberto’s painting entitled “White S-1964”, mixed media on Masonite, 38x92cm. Onward communication with the author was continued via mail. Buri is regarded as one of the masters of enormous painting art which will be the reason to gain huge number of fans, especially in Italy. His paintings, created during the war, are regarded as a commentary or even more precisely act of evoking of fear that the II World War has caused. Nevertheless, the magical appearance of the rough approach is less noticeable in this painting. Buri is concentrating on the concrete white space and burned plastic foil form. Primary issue in this artwork is the white color, which is presenting the sense of optimism. Above mentioned characteristics of his work bring us to the conclusion that it is a representative exemplar of Alberto’s Buri opus.


Bernard Buffet
| France |
Born in Paris | 1928 – 1990

Head of a Woman, 1960, lithograph on paper, а.p., 72×52,5cm | Portrait, 1960, etching on paper 68/75, 76 х 56,6cm | Fish, 1960, lithograph on paper 114/150, 54,5 х 74cm | Bamblebee, 1960, lithograph on paper 96/150. 74,5 х 53,5cm.

| USA |

Born in 1927 in New York.

Portrait, 1980

lithography on paper, 70,7 х 56cm

| Italy |

Born in Modena | 1933

Italian Landscape 2, 1975

Color photography, 24 x 36cm


| France |

We present Ana’s few artworks from the series of works signed by Bergman included in the collection of MoCA:
Lithograph No. 7, 1963, lithograph, a.p., 76,5×56,5cm | Print No. 33, 1953, etching, a.p., 65x51cm | Print No. 2, 1957, woodcut, a.p., 60x50cm | Print No. 1, 1957, woodcut, a.p., 66x50cm | Mountain Wall, 1957, lithography, a.p., 76×57

| Serbia/Italy |

Born in Mostar | 1936

We present artworks signed by Radomir Damnjanović – Damjan included in the collection of MoCA:
Painting, 1968, oil on canvas, 145x145cm | Blue Painting 2, 1969, oil on canvas, 138x200cm | Painting, 1984, oil on canvas, 200 х 140 см.

| France |

Born in Madrid | 1936

We present artworks signed by Doroteo Arnaiz included in the collection of MoCA:
A Couple, 1965, oil on canvas, 80×100 | New Tenants, 1965, etching, 11/15, 56,5×45,5 | A Couple, 1965, colour litograph, 24/50, 60,5х46,5

| Australia |

Born in Pula | 1937

We present artwork signed by Luciano Zmak included in the collection of MoCA:
Extern 13, 1967, oil on canvas, 84 х 84cm.

| Great Britain |

1899 – 1980

Human Struggle, 1967

aluminum, 300x85x85