Aleksandar Srnec

1924, Zagreb, Croatia – 2010, Zagreb, Croatia 


Untitled 3, 1967

Silkscreen on paper, 49,5 x 53 cm

Edition: д.л.: 5/24; inscription: b.l.: 5/24 301267; b.r.: Srnec 67

Acquisition: Gift

Reference: 01912



Aleksandar Srnec (30 July 1924 – 27 March 2010) was a Croatian artist. He is mainly known for his avant-garde designs and kinetic and lumino kinetic art. Srnec was one of the founding members of the Exat 51 group whose active members between 1950 and 1956 were the architects Vjenceslav Richter, Bernardo Bernardi, Zdravko Bregovac, Božidar Rašica and Vladimir Zaharović and the painters Vlado Kristl and Ivan Picelj. He made abstract art based on the use of geometric shapes. In 1953, he designed his first kinetic objects entitled, Space Modulator, while in 1956, he began his experiments with moving sculptures and reliefs.

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