Mimmo Rotella

| Italy |

Born 1918 in Catanzaro – died 2006 in Milan. Studied art in Naples and held a Fulbright scholarship (1951–52) at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Upon his return to Italy in 1953 Rotella abandoned painting for his signature décollages and assemblages, into which he incorporated textiles and other materials. Later he experimented with acrylic paint and photographic elements. He is best known for his “double décollages,” which he crafted by ripping posters (particularly movie advertisements) off exterior walls, attaching the fragments to canvases, and then tearing off smaller pieces from the posters to create colorful, often amusing, collages. He was the only Italian artist formally linked to the French Nouveau Réalistes artists, with whom he exhibited in the 1960s.

We present artwork signed by Mimmo Rotella included in the collection of MoCA:
The Great Lovers, 1972, lithograph on paper, 48,5 х 66cm