Robert Adams

| Great Britain|

1917 – 1984

Dedicated to monumental creations Adams is referring to the title of his artwork as a model, designed by defined materials used for creating a sculpture. His small-format work originate from 1965. Robert has decided to present his artwork as a gift in 1971.
This author is a representative of respected British sculpture art from the first half of the century and his roots are to be found in the sculptural creations of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. His work is at the same time are referred to the plastic contemplations of Brancusi, Picasso and Malevich. In this artwork Adams approaches to find the solution from simple sharpness composed with unusual dynamic and compact statics, in which comprised is the structural monumentality.

We present artwork signed by Robert Adams included in the collection of MoCA:
Vertical Form with Bend, 1965, bronze, iron, 51x20x13см, 1949