Stefano Perego, Architecture Photographer

Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 7PM in the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

Stefano Perego is an Italian photographer, based in Milan (, whose central sphere of interest is the 20th century modern architecture. His photos have been published on the Divisare, Domus, Archdaily, websites and he has held a lecture at the Arrow in Moscow.The purpose of the visit of Stefano Perego is the presentation of his work, as well as photographing the modernist architecture in Skopje.
During the interactive lecture his work will be presented through documented materials, impressions and critiques, through which students of architecture, design and photography primarily, but also other interested guests will have the opportunity to get to know the work and experiences of this photographer.

The presentation is organized in colaboration with MELEEM Skopje