Ivana Vaseva (1984, Skopje) is curator in contemporary visual arts, researcher and author of projects that are often interdisciplinary and almost always collaborational and engaging i.e. confronts places of desires, contests instituted relations and questions the established ways of production and perception. She worked on several projects regarding archiving and the museum collection: MOCA has goat ears (Museum of contemporary art – Skopje) and in the collaborational projects: The Artist and the Dictatorship (National Gallery of Macedonia, Museum of contemporary art – Skopje, Youth Cultural Center – Skopje, Cultural informative center – Skopje), Skopje: ultimate golden collection of personal memories 1960 – 2010 vol. 1 (Museum of city of Skopje, National Gallery of Macedonia, Youth Cultural Center – Skopje, Cultural informative center – Skopje) and Living libraries: archives of citizen disobedience (in several cities in Macedonia). More on: https://zivibiblioteki.wordpress.com/

In the moment, Vaseva curates the second edition of the international discursive educational program The Perfect Artist in the frames of DENES Young Visual Artist Award in Macedonia and the award itself and two research and context – based projects dealing with the heritage of self-management system in former Yugoslavia in order to create a story of educational and emancipating character, and the other one that questions visual art canons and their existence as such.

She lives and works in Skopje, and jointly with the artist Filip Jovanovski manages the organization FRU – Faculty of things that can’t be learned. In the frames of the organization she curated and produced: AKTO Festival for contemporary arts (the last 5 editions), regional research project “If buildings could talk”, the platform “Culture for civic changes” etc. More on: http://akto-fru.com/en/

She curated the exhibitions You made me so sad. Now, that doesn’t have anything to do with you., Five variations of the static: Silence etc. and is co- author of the lecture/ presentation and research project about freelance cultural workers in Macedonia titled How my life turned into a cultural worker – the cultural workers take the stage and presentation/ game How to make a festival with 100 and 1milion Euros (with Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski) which was presented in many cities in Europe. She was an editor of several books and author on many texts about contemporary visual arts and for the research project Collectictive action as political not organizational decision, made together with Filip Jovanovski, she is a winner of the award Ladislav Barisic of AICA – Macedonia.

Vaseva has presented her researches and projects in many institutions, conferences and platforms in Europe and USA.

She graduated on the Faculty of art history in Skopje and was part of the Curatorial Program of de Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam.



Bojana Janeva-Semova (1977, Skopje) is an art historian and a curator. She graduated from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Institute of History of Art and Archaeology (2000). She completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Maastricht, Arts and Cultural Heritage, Cultural policy, Management and Education, Netherlands (2010). She has a working experience as a curator at the National Gallery of Macedonia (2008-2009). In 2009 she curated the Macedonian participation at the Venice Biennale. Since 2012, she is one of the co-founders of Ars Acta, Institute for Arts and Culture, Skopje, co-curating with Ana Frangovska the exhibitions “Visual Industries” (2013), “Procrastination” (2014) and several more. As an independent curator, collaborator, or an organizer, she participated in more solo and group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. In 2012 she was appointed a member of International Board of AICA. Her interest are in the field of individual identity and social interactions as building blocks of society.



Vladimir Janchevski (1984, Skopje) is an independentresearcher based in Skopje, working simultaneously in the field of contemporary art and visual studies. He is interested in the problems and challenges of interdisciplinary research, the borderlines and intersections of art practice and image theory, engaged art and socio-political phenomena, as well as contemporaryforms of censorship, iconoclastic acts and image wars.

Graduated from theInstitute ofArt History andArchaeology /Department ofArt History(Faculty of Philosophy, “Ss. Cyril andMethodius” University in Skopje), heworked as ateaching assistanton the coursesContemporaryArtand Contemporary Macedonian Art (four semesters, 2009-2011).

Since 2005 actively collaborates with national and international cultural institutions, organizations, artists and scholars in the field of visual arts and theory on many projects (art exhibitions, theatre performances, workshops, lectures, presentations, etc.), organized several solo and group exhibitions, public lectures in Skopje, inviting international speakers: VitalyKomar (April 2012, MoCA-Skopje), James Elkins (December 2014, MoCA-Skopje).Participated in panel discussions in Skopje, Bitola (AKTO Festival 2013 and 2014), Struga (DrimOn Festival 2015), Freising (2014) etc.

Since 2011 collaborates with the Center for Visual Studies – Skopje (part of the network VCinE), participated in several international conferences organized by universities in Budapest, Cluj, Kiel, Skopje, Vilnius etc.

As a core member of the art initiative KOOPERACIJA (2012-2015), co-organized, co-curated and participated in numerous international events, group exhibitions, collaborative projects, lectures and public discussions on various topics and burning issues.

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