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O (Obsessive) P (Possessive) A (Aggression)

Eco-Bags exclusively at the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

In limited numbers, a selection of cotton bags with a powerful eco-message are available to visitors in the museum’s bookstore.

MSU and OPA aim to raise eco-awareness among their fellow citizens. Every visitor to the museum, who buys a bag like this for a symbolic price, joins the fight against the use of single-use plastic. The work “I worry because you worry” was part of the exhibition “Panic room” or: jump in opinion”, last year, curated by Ljiljana Nedelkovska, and organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje. The project “I care because you care” is a call for joint action. A call for a work of art to leave the museum premises and continue its life outside.

A call – the statement “I have pledged to the MSU and the OPA that I will fight against the use of single-use plastics” has become one’s everyday life. The work consists of ten variants of multiples – cotton bags with printed text: “Brother for brother – cheese without a bag!”, “Don’t shake bags!”, “Don’t give me a bag, we’ll breathe in pm!”, ” I carry every bag I take with my soul!”, “Brother, don’t bag!”, “Sid is dry, air is dry!”, “The devil doesn’t dig or plow, but nylon bags are a stamp!”, “Who gives another a bag, it will fall alone in a bag!”, “Fag, don’t drop bags!”, “The pharmacy bag will crush us!”.

In this project, OPA starts from the conviction that art, in addition to the power to encourage aesthetic experiences, is also a powerful tool in forming public opinion. One of the most urgent topics today is the need for joint contribution and stake in dealing with the environmental disaster.

“I care because you care” declaration:

Obsessive Possessive Aggression – OPA and MSU guarantee this bag is:

100% artwork, 99.9% cotton, 100% Macedonian product, 99.9% ecological product, 100% for museums, schools, fax, bookstores, markets, shopping malls, buses and on the street.

OPA and MSU guarantee that: If you meet someone with the same or a similar bag in a museum, school, fax, bookstore, market, market, shopping mall, bus or on the street, there is a 78% probability that she will become your best friend. friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.


Price: 295 Denars