To travel aimlessly from place to place. When we remove the AIM of traveling, be it for tourism or work, we are left with a pure form of movement, movement as a basic function of all life and energy. 

Under the pressure of living as fixed subjects of capitalism we must produce value that is consumable. To waste energy aimlessly is to live in disregard of this systemic drive, to not follow the code of the logic of capital. Thus, the desire for wandering is a rarity, it is scarce in the present conditions of the situation.

The creative work of art cannot, by its very gesture, accept this subsumption. For tall that we appreciate as art is always already an act that marks a break, a rupture and a crack within what is provided as a given in our adapted sensory system. We love the art which does not reproduce the meaning of the present. We love the art that hints on that which under the present state of knowing is un-referenceable.

The Museum of contemporary Art in Skopje invites young artists to a movement without aim. We invite wanderers with the hope that this movement will unexpectedly discover and land in new territories. Ones towards which we can collectively move and encounter an event, a novelty

We want to push this desire to wander onto spaces inside and outside, to actually expand the spaces for wanderlust, spaces that are free(d) from the dominant code that fixes and immobilises both at individual as well as at the collective level. These new spaces that are accessible without any aim, are openings that carry the potential for a novelty of and for art. It is in that short circuit between novelty in the new space which it simultaneously invents where /ˈwɒndəlʌst/ becomes a political movement.

 It has been a year since we are living in a condition of the homeness, of sameness, of repetitions in waiting. To counter this, our project claims the ‘other-sickness’ as a cure that is to be found though aimless wandering. Being sick for otherness, dreadfully in need for becoming outside of our homes, both ideal and physical.

The Museum of contemporary Art in Skopje welcomes applications from young artists between 18 and 35 years in formats and modes that allow for aims to disappear. Thus, the main theme of this Biennial of Young Artists is one that does not aim for anything specific in the present state of things in the world, but desires everything anywhere else. Everything that there might happen. And things happen usually when we move. Without a set aim, everything might happen.    

The open call is open until March 20, 2021, for Macedonian and foreign artists.

Applications can be sent electronically, in Macedonian and English language, to the following email:

note for the subject: Application for the Biennial of Young Artists.

The application should contain a description of the work, a short biography of no more than 500 words, photographs of the work with year of production, title, technique and dimensions, as well as a list of necessary equipment for technical realization and instructions for installation of the work.

The authors apply with already produced works, and the transport costs for foreign authors are covered by the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje.

The authors compete with one of their works created in the period 2018-2021.

The artists will be notified about the results of the competition by April 1, 2021.

The selected authors are obliged to submit the works equipped for display and marked with name, surname, title, year, technique and dimensions.

All submitted works at the biennial are selected and evaluated by a jury. The museum reserves the right to photograph all selected works, publish them in a catalog and use them for propaganda purposes.