Guiding tours

The Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje starts a museum tour through the current exhibitions, every Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00. The guide of the tours will be the curator from the Department of education and museum management Bojana Janeva.

This Saturday, March 12, we will take you through two exhibitions.

The exhibition “Everything we have in common”, which includes world famous and Macedonia artistic names, according to the curators Mira Gakina and Jovanka Popova: “Analyze the conditions of uncertainty in the capitalist local and global context through works of art and practices”.

At the same time, the museum opened the exhibition of the world-famous author Artur Zmijevski with video installations, curated by Vladimir Jancevski.

In both exhibitions are authors for whom art is a medicine in the fight against pain in our modern societies. Through art, they speak loudly on behalf of the invisible, the unaccepted, the oppressed, sympathize with the common man, who is in a position of powerlessness in the face of complicated state structures, and offer alternative solutions based on solidarity and love at this time.

The ticket for “MoCA guide” costs 60 denars.