Founders of Modern Art in Macedonia

Founders of Modern Art in Macedonia

The objective of this exhibition is to review the opus of the artists that usually fall under the syntagm “founders of the Macedonian modern art” (Dimitar Avramovski Pandilov, Lazar Ličenoski, Nikola Martinoski, Dimo Todorovski, Tomo Vladimirski, Vangel Kodžoman and Ljubomir Belogaski). Тhe influence of their art in our cultural milieu is considerable throughout different periods of time and development of artistic ideas and styles.

The represented artworks are evidence of the beginning of the modernity process we are now trying to keep alive.

As a small enigma in this project, the exhibition emphasizes the issue of the influences or the “wave” of tendencies abreast the modernists in question when they were developing. It is here to arouse the interest of both the younger and the older audience meant to see in these artworks not only this particular display but an entire chain of relations pertinent to the time and the tendencies of the past. Especially if considering that these influences with our young artists will continue to reflect on their works in different amplitudes. Those are the horizons of their generation.

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