First Art Laboratory

The Museum of contemporary art and the Windmill Collective uphold the energy and the love towards the art in their “Art Laboratory”, the creative – research project of open character, happening every second Saturday in NI MSU aimed for children of the age over 5 years.

The first ART Laboratory is scheduled for Saturday 25.02.2017 beginning at 12 o’ clock.

We are expecting you…

n the “laboratory” along with the children, we will experiment with different techniques of visual and performance arts, creating a space for individual expression and interpretations within the framework of collective solidarity and mutual creativity.

The aim of this art laboratory is, through playing, to discover the “body” of the Museum of contemporary art, to play with art as a tool of everyday life which is necessary to free the dragon of the children’s imagination.

Is there a more magical place to fly those dragons than MSU?

You are welcomed to discover via free play.

The great discoveries of the workshop will happen from February to June and all of them will be presented on one open exhibition which will tell the story of those discoveries in one place.

The education department of the Museum of contemporary art follows its noble mission – to bring the art to the children of earliest age and to participate in their daily introduction with the world. The Windmill Collective actively nurtures the performance art as a main tool for growth and development of children and young people.

Registration and information by phone 078 231 030 or by mail


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