Late Night Museum – Concert of Ema Popivoda

The Museum of contemporary art – Skopje and the Festival of contemporary music Modoars proudly announces its exclusive art event. On 28th of February beginning at 20:00 in the premises of the Museum of contemporary art, a piano concert will be held by Ema Popivoda playing compositions of Macedonian folk themes written by the composer Dimitrie Buzarovski, followed by a wine cocktail from the renown Tikves wine producers, and performance by DJ Ilina Angel. The venue will be opened from 19:00 in which time our guests may look the latest exhibits in the Museum of contemporary art: “No man’s land” – a Macedonian project presented at the Venice Biennale of architecture 2016 as well as the exhibition in the third gallery called “Remake” where the audience can enjoy the masterpieces of the worldwide sculpture owned by the Museum of Contemporary art.

This art event is a real gift for the urban audience of this town, created and aimed to distance our self from the reality of the everyday monotony, to offer a possibility to enjoy a different angle of the modern living, to present new contemporary music and to aim in getting closer to the way of life trending at the moment in all the culture capitals.

The central event of this art project is the piano concert played by Ema Popivoda. The program consists of Macedonian folk themes by the author Dimitrie Buzarovski. The well known Macedonian folk songs are filled in this piano manner however they are covered with samples of jazz, impressionism, expressionism etc. This concert had already being staged worldwide, like New York, Tokyo, Rome, Gdansk and was followed by a great success. Although the compositions are written in piano style of Shopen and List, the music is still understandable and easily acceptable for listening due to the recognizable themes from Macedonian folk songs: Zajdi Zajdi, Dali Pametis Milice, Kales Angja, Jovano Jovanke, Ne si go prodavaj Koljo ciflikot, Despina, More sokol pie, Sekerna, Trnusko, Ne se beli Mare mori etc.

Event schedule:
19:00 – 20:00 – Opening of the three galleries in the Museum of contemporary art
20:00 – 21:00 – Concert of Ema Popivoda – piano compositions with Macedonian folk themes
21:00 – 23:00 – Cocktail party with DJ Ilina Angel

This event is supported by Eurolink and Tikves Winery. The evening gown is provided by Lamas boutique.

Museum of contemporary art

Elegantly adapted to the configuration of the Skopje medieval fortress and surrounded by the panoramic view of the city, the Museum building, constructed in 1970, is an excellent example of the architecture of the late modernism and symbol of the renewal of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake.

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