Fifth Art Laboratory

The 5th Art Laboratory in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art is an art experiment with recycled materials. Bring everything you think you can turn into something different, the milk package may become a robot, old buttons will become someone’s eyes. Recycled art is like alchemy, and the elements of the formula depends on our imagination. Come together to experiment with new forms of beauty and discover how an empty thing becomes a subject, ugly becomes beautiful.
The price is 300 denars with snacks and supplies for work including.
Department of Education, continues to perform its noble mission – the youngest to start their exploration of this world from as early age as possible. Our team actively nurture performative art as an essential tool for growth and development of children and youth.

Museum of contemporary art

Elegantly adapted to the configuration of the Skopje medieval fortress and surrounded by the panoramic view of the city, the Museum building, constructed in 1970, is an excellent example of the architecture of the late modernism and symbol of the renewal of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake.

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