Biennial of young artists 2015

Since its inception until now, that is, traditionally, the goal of the Biennial of Young Artists consists in establishing a space where young artists, aided by appropriate financial and institutional support, could put on display their creativity in front of a wider audience.

Considering the fact that at every previous instance this manifestation was in pursue of a new configuration, form and topicality, this last, eleventh edition of the Biennial of Young Artists is set to leave out the curatorial concept, thus providing opportunities for artists themselves to construct in their works a visual narrative of pertinence to the recent art scene. Without exception and bending the selection criteria, the admittance was granted to a part of the young artists which until now were without notable presence on the art podium. In consequence, works on display were not produced specially for this event. It is to do with the attempt at offering a more objective insight into the artistic production from the past two years, which, in itself, might be providing some unexpected outcomes. The intent of this year’s Biennial is to make a comparison between the Macedonian contemporary art and the seven guest artists from the region and beyond, selected in a due procedure by their respective institutions in the field of contemporary art. This, also, imparts an international dimension to this traditional group presentation. Moreover, the comparative approach is opening the way for research and interchange of new ideas and experiences, thus revealing the distinctive traits of the creative propositions by foreign artists and of those particular to the domestic art scene.

This year the selection for the Biennial exhibition consists of fourteen Macedonian and seven foreign young artistic talents which are presented in a shared exhibition space as a dialog of diverse media such as photography, video, installation pieces, art objects and paintings.
The works on display are spirited statements about the banality and uniqueness of the everyday, immediate context that the artists are facing. The artists themselves, as a matter of course, are adopting a socially critical stance, an intimate positioning of individuals placed in this uncompromising world, and revealing the personal stories and that joyful magic of their works by creating new or parallel universes.

Blagoja Varoshanec

Curators: Mira Gakina, Iva Petrova, Blagoja Varoshanec