The Large Glass Magazine 1, 1995


(Texts are only in Macedonian)
Theme: Art/Artists Today
Sonja Abadzieva, Return to the Orbit?
45. Biennial in Venice:
Liljana Nedelkovska, 45th Venice Biennial
Zoran Petrovski, Gligor Stefanov and Petre Nikoloski
Sonja Abadzieva, Gligor Stefanov-Alegory of Light
Liljana Nedelkovska, Petre Nikoloski

Interview: Gerhard Richter

Artist Pages: Lazo Plavevski, Water Lines and Egypt Motives

D-r Stefka Cobelj, Borko Lazeski – A Student Loth in Paris
Dimitar Kondovski: Interview with Zoran Petrovski
D-r Boris Petkovski: The Paintings of Petar Mazev or the Fight with Existence

Thomas McEvilley, History, Quality, Globalism
Thomas McEvilley: Post-Modernism: Vision of Hope, Interview with Zoran Petrovski