The Large Glass Journal, now available in PDF

The two new issues of the Large Glass Journal 25/26 from 2018 and 27/28 from 2019, published by the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje, now are available for free download in PDF format.

The Large Glass Journal, 25/26 from 2018 is thematically dedicated to the activist art as a form of political protest, and includes texts and interviews by Stephen Duncombe, Ai Weiwei, Grant Kester, Kim Charnley, Maja Ćirić, Bojan Ivanov, Steve Lambert, Dimitry Vilensky and others.

The second volume (The Large Glass Journal 27/28 from 2019) comprises three key sections linked directly or tangentially to issues regarding posthuman corporaility, anxieties about the landscape and thematic ideas about the radical Political horizon, which is including contributions by Stelarc, Slavco Dimitrov, Igor Grubic, Chantal Mouffet and others.