Museum Organization

The Museum is managed by a director, while in every department there are one to five curators.

Department for Collections and Depots

Basic museum activities are responsibility of the Department for Collections and Depots. The work of the Department for Collections and Depots is directed towards collecting, preserving and presenting the Museum art objects. The work of other departments is equally important in the process of implementation of the program of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Other Departments

Collections and Depots | Education and Professional Development | Professional Museum Documentation, Librarian Work and Publishing | Conservation and Restoration | Research and Development | Painting, Sculpture, Graphics and Drawing | Architecture and Design | Photography and Digital Art

Organisational Structure

The work of the Department for Collections and Depots is directed towards collecting, preserving and presenting the Museum art objects. This Department is authorized to take part in the planning of the purchases in order to systematically monitor and process the works of art of the past and recent production of Macedonian visual arts in most of its media variety. In addition, it deals with complete documenting and processing of every exhibit and of the bio-bibliographic data about individual artists. Due to technical disadvantages, the permanent exhibition of the Museum is, for the time being, closed. This department is represented by Marika Bocvarova Plavevska, Head of Collection Department, Iva Petrova Dimovski, Curator and Blagoja Varosanec, Technical Support Curator.
This Department cooperates with all schools and faculties, and the kindergarten children are also included. Within the framework of the creative game, creative activities and thinking are undertaken in the Museum premises or in the schools themselves. Lectures are organized on regular basis, and are prepared by experts or through discussions with artists intended not only for the pupils and students, but also for the general public. The lectures are then printed in magazines or books are published. Another form of education is preparing exhibitions, most often by selecting exhibits from the Museum collection, or exhibitions are organized on the occasion of another exhibitions, where children present what they have previously made inspired by some exhibited work of art. In 1997 an educational movie was made about the Museum with the purpose to show the functioning and the character of work of this institution in a simple and visually attractive manner. This department is represented by Elizabeta Jankovska, Senior Curator, Violeta Savevska, Curator in Education and Affiliate for International Cooperation.
This Department is represented by Gordana Markovska, Curator, Toni Dimovski, Documentarian and Toni Desovski, Associate Documentarian.
The Department for Conservation, Restoration and Design performs, in conformity with its possibilities, smaller conservative interventions on the damaged works of art. Due to the fact that the segment of protecting of the movable cultural heritage is one of the prime tasks of every museum, it is planned in the future to obtain an appropriate equipment for a complete performance of the conservative and restorative interventions on works of contemporary art, not only on those from our collections, but also on works of art from the collections of other museums and galleries in Macedonia. Ljupco Uljoski, Conservator and Borjana Bozinovska, Associate are working on preservation of the Museum collection.
The Documentation and Research Department of the Museum continuously collects and processes complete documentation on the life and creation of the Macedonian artists. The basic activity is directed towards purchasing, processing, classification, protection and publication of documentation material that relates to the contemporary Macedonian fine art. Files are made for every artist, bibliographies are prepared, catalogs, magazines and books are processed. The library contains nearly 20000 titles. It is expanded through the purchase of professional literature (domestic and foreign publications), performs exchange and distribution of the publications of the Museum and cooperates with other related libraries and museums.
Part of this department is Mira Gakina, Senior Curator.
Part of this department is Zoran Petrovski, Senior Curator.

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