Natasha Nedelkova: Performing the Impersonal / Manifesting Speculum

Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

07. – 25. May, 2022

“Performing the Impersonal / Manifesting Speculum” is a project of Nedelkova realized in the form of two video installations, The Act of Seeing and Manifesting Speculum in two separate areas at MoCA-Skopje. Reflections on female sexuality, political engagement, violence and storytelling will be presented in those two “black boxes” in 3 projections on 4 screens.

Drawing on the concepts of Sigmund Freud and Luce Irigaray, Nedelkova is exploring the possibility of applying manifestation techniques to visualize female sexuality, which is considered mysterious, inaccessible, “black continent”. With this thematic focus and in a specific way, Nedelkova attempts to make an additional contribution to the elucidation of this phenomenon.

“Through these installations, we perform the impersonal through collective listening, dancing social choreography and visualizing positions of public protest. Viewed from the perspective of the Manifested Speculum, female sexuality produces ethical knowledge that is poetic, non-transparent, and against the social order and law. It is against dangerous reproductions of the same. It weaves communion with the upcoming unknown, through free play”, Nedelkova says.

Vladimir Janchevski, one of the exhibition curators, believes that the works in this exhibition by Nedelkova are a creative continuation of her research interests, also elaborated in some previous works, as well as in the award-winning video work “Tissues of Identity” presented at the 13th Biennial in 2021.

“In a delicately woven network of videos connected in two video installations, Nedelkova simply builds a complex structure that attempts to re-examine the boundary between the visible and the hidden. Referring to important aspects of the (im)personal intersection between the political and the poetic, she reveals the subtle relations of the possibilities to visualize something and to manifest itself as a point of resistance,” Janchevski said.

Curated by: Iva Dimovski, Vladimir Janchevski and Blagoja Varoshanec as curators of the exhibition.

Nedelkova is one of the three awarded authors as “Most Successful Author and Work” at last year’s 13th International Biennial of Young Artists, and the award was given for the realization of an independent project at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje. She has been selected by the European Nomadic Biennial of Contemporary Art – Manifesto 14 as one of the artists to be included in their official program this year.

Besides Nedelkova, artists awarded at the 13th International Biennial of Young Artists also include Darko Aleksovski, whose exhibition was opened on April 8 and can still be seen at MoCA – Skopje, and Driton Selmani, who will have a solo exhibition in November. The award of the Biennial requires the implementation of a solo project, thus making it possible for the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, as a responsible institution, to realize its strategic commitment to incentivize the recent art scene and open opportunities for appropriate representation of new generations of artists to the general public.

The exhibition is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Sponsored by the EVN Skopje