Third Art Laboratory

On this art laboratory in collaboration with the Museum of contemporary art we will experiment with clay. This joint creative – experimental process was successfully realized on two workshops with children age 5+. The experimentation gave excellent results and the children already started to feel the museum space as a close friend which keeps their imagination. A group creation is a challenge both for us and the children, and the fact which enlightenment is how quickly they become involved and accept the beauty, so with a great will they dive into the experiments and get all the fulfillment out of it.

On Sunday we will bring the sculptures and will create new worlds in our joint space. Solidarity is our moto, and the free expression through play is our goal.

The price is 300MKD which includes a light meal and working materials, and the registration of attendance is by mail or by phone 078 231 030

The Education Department of the Museum of contemporary art follows its noble mission – to bring the art to the children of earliest age and to participate in their daily introduction with the world. The Windmill Collective for 4 years actively nurtures the performance art as a main tool for growth and development of children and young people.

Museum of contemporary art

Elegantly adapted to the configuration of the Skopje medieval fortress and surrounded by the panoramic view of the city, the Museum building, constructed in 1970, is an excellent example of the architecture of the late modernism and symbol of the renewal of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake.

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