Children and Superheroes – Creative Workshop for Manufacturing Masks

Creative workshop for manufacturing masks for The first of April – the day of joke, laughter and wonderful possibility to make our own mask, to be a super hero hidden deep inside in each and every one of us, especially in children. This is a great opportunity for all the children to make a better and calmer world with their fantasies, and flow them into reality, imagining themselves as a superheroes with all the given super powers. And the way that their super hero looks we will see through their masks which they will create and make themselves. On first of April, creating their own super hero, together we shall try to create a vision for a better tomorrow and all that can be done for it along with our children.

On this, creative workshop of “super heroes”, we shall see the real power of those little/great people, their creativity and their fantasy for a better world. As all of us, big and small, wish to be a super hero, one that can do anything, save people, fight the evil forces, travel to a distant unknown worlds and have extraordinary power to confront all the obstacles. Therefore we invite the children along with their parents, on a creative association, to imagine and try to participate in the creation of the masks of and for a better future for which we are aware with all our positive power.

The entrance fee for this beautiful happening is 100MKD.

Museum of contemporary art

Elegantly adapted to the configuration of the Skopje medieval fortress and surrounded by the panoramic view of the city, the Museum building, constructed in 1970, is an excellent example of the architecture of the late modernism and symbol of the renewal of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake.

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